Technology Arts Exhibit

On Exhibit May 22 through June 9, 2018.
The Awards Reception will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 6-8 pm

 This exhibit features the finalists from Fairfax County High School students who competed to win Arts Herndon scholarships in the categories of Digital Photography, Digital Art, Animation, and Other Digital Art (including gaming).

Each year Arts Herndon holds the Technology Arts Competition with a mission to promote students’ artistic expression through technologically based media, to encourage students to develop their artistic skills, to showcase student talent developed through school curriculum, and to encourage students to become skilled, creative thinkers entering the job market. The first competition was held in 2005, with support from the Fairfax County Public School system to develop competition guidelines and categories.

Entries in the competition were evaluated and judged by a panel of experts.

Charlotte Geary is a Northern Virginia documentary photographer and photo educator. Since starting her business 17 years ago, she has achieved numerous international publications and awards for her vibrant and joyful style of narrative photography. She is based in Reston and has worked all around the country to tell the stories of thousands of fascinating people.

Michael P. Savage-Benoist is a freelance artist and game developer from Fairfax, VA. His primary work, Flamberge, is available on Steam Early Access.  He is soon to graduate with a degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and has taught 3D printing, coding and game design in elementary schools STEM programs.

John Healy works at Boez, Allen, Hamilton and is a seasoned interactive designer with experience providing high profile and compelling designs for web sites. John has developed User Experience Axure prototypes for web-based applications involving mobile, iPad, and kiosk user experiences. Has led project teams and provided creative art direction throughout the life cycle of the design process and has contributed creative design strategy in support of sales pitches on major US government and commercial contracts. He creates unique and innovative applications to meet today’s dynamic technology in Federal and commercial marketplaces.

There were 145 entries from Fairfax County High School's with 29 Finalists and 16 scholarships were awarded. Congratulations to the following finalists:


Reyane Ashtar - Langley High School, Grade 12 - Levántense, 1st Place

Katherine Rinaldi - Lake Braddock High School, Grade 10 - Folke of the Field, 2nd Place

Jill Sekera - Lake Braddock High School, Grade 12 - Three Little Pigs, 3rd Place

Sarah Via - Robinson High School, Grade 12 - Fox Finds Fish, 4th Place

Jina Lee - Fairfax High School, Grade 12 - Fried Earth, Finalist

Zachary Wilson - South County High School, Grade 11 - Etho's Escape, Finalist


Ngoc Thuy Khong - George C Marshall High School, Grade 12 - Defile and Dye, 1st Place

Jonathan Larsen - South County High School, Grade 11 - Are They Watching Me?, 2nd Place

Stacy Kemunto - Woodson High School, Grade 12 - Kisii, 3rd Place

Sam Condro - Oakton High School, Grade 11 - Portals, 4th Place

Sun Mi Ahn - Fairfax High School, Grade 12 - Hooked, Finalist

Aria Baker - George C Marshall High School, Grade 12 - What's More Adorable Then Some Deer in a Bottle, Finalist

Ju Yeon Lee - Centreville High School, Grade 12 - Falling into the Abyss, Finalist

Gabrielle Tiongco - South County High School, Grade 11 - Stranger, Finalist

Quang Vo - Lake Braddock High School, Grade 11 - Ripples, Finalist


William O'Connell - Thomas Jefferson High School, Grade 11 - Grayscale, 1st Place

Vivian To - Westfield High School, Grade 11 - Matters of the Heart; Sins and Virtues, 2nd Place

Clayton Mattis - Lake Braddock High School, Grade 12 - Technojuice, 3rd Place

Devin Albrecht - Lake Braddock High School, Grade 12 - Protecting the Crops, 4th Place

Carlos Bolivar - Fairfax High School, Grade 12 - Mirror Effect, Finalist


Yao Xiao - Langley High School, Grade 11, - Personality Deconstruction, 1st Place

Maya Kirkpatrick - Chantilly High School, Grade 12 - Coming to Terms, 2nd Place

Karina Howard - South Lakes High School, Grade 12 - Nightfall, 3rd Place

Frank Ding - Thomas Jefferson High School, Grade 12 - Milky Way, 4th Place

Mariana Alcala-Ramos - West Potomac High School, Grade 12 - Please, Finalist

Gillian Bank - South County High School, Grade 11 - Rainbow Pupper, Finalist

Kate Haas - McLean High School, Grade 11 - Unfinished Story, Finalist

Teodora Hryshchyshyn - James Madison High School, Grade 12 - Running Through Life, Finalist

Kai Riley - Thomas Jefferson High School, Grade 12 - Sunrise, Finalist