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Design & Wine - Exploring the Mandala: Self-Discovery Through Collage With Deborah Gudelsky

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Tuesday, April 10

Create a beautiful collage of self-expression and meaningfulness using the mandala as your foundation, a circle that has been used for sacred art and connection to heart and soul by many cultures for many centuries. A guide will be provided to navigate you through choices of color and design, along with quality art supplies, beautiful paper, and embellishments. The magic of your mandala is made known when your creation is complete and you receive a "key" that reveals thought-provoking information for personal insight and revelation. 

Deborah is an artist, avid crafter, quilter, and gardener. As a Herndon resident, she has put her passions on display by participating in the town Garden Tour and the Christmas Home Tour. Deborah worked for 7 years at the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University Hospital, with patients of all ages, guiding them in making their own personal mediation beads.